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About Impecca™ USA

At Impecca™, we are determined in our mission to be a leader in bringing consumers the most innovative and useful , yet affordable products for everyday life.

Impecca™ is a leader in design, development, manufacturing and marketing in portable Audio Video Products. Impecca was founded to provide the consumer electronics market place with reliable products that are “Simply Impeccable”, and is continuously growing and becoming a diversified brand. Impecca™ currently offers a spectrum of portable Audio and Video products including: PDA Portable Audio systems, PDA chargers and docking stations, USB Drive, MP3 Player speakers, Speakers for SD/Multimedia Cards, Portable DVD Players, Digital picture frames and more.

Impecca™, products are recognized by users worldwide as we continue to lead the industry based on our committment to innovation and quality. Impecca's Strength lies in its ability to identify, develop and utilize leading edge technology and turn them into innovative, unique and affordable products making us the undisputed leader in every category we embark.

At Impecca™, we are committed to serve electronic consumers worldwide with lifestyle enhancing electronic gadgets, and exciting digital products while securing competitiveness in the market.


Impecca. Simply Impeccable.