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Break Out The Popcorn..
...Movie night has never been this fun!
Impecca DVD Players guarantee quality entertainment within minutes. Enjoy your movies with a full size player, or eliminate the the clutter with a more compact version. Or rock your sleepover party with a Home Theater system in full surround sound!
Watch from a distance using the remote control, or use the zoom in feature to get a closer look.
Each player provides easy access to all your favorite media.
Fast search backwards/forwards will guarantee that you never miss a minute!
Plug And Play
Easy connectivity is a snap with a quality HDMI cable precisely suited to your system.
Take "Home Theater" to a new Dimension.
The Impecca Home Theater System's rich theater quality sound system creates breathtaking 5.1 surround sound without the need for rear speakers or messy wires. Designed to hold your flat panel television, it features 300 Watts total output, an on-board amplifier, and SRS Trusurround HD/HDH System. You'll enjoy your show like never before. Guaranteed.